Nowadays, a lot of people have several kinds of debt that they repay every month. So, if you’re in this situation, obtaining a debt consolidation loan may be a fitting alternative for you. But, if the credit score you have is below 650, you may be worried about whether or not you could actually borrow funds.

This is why you’re probably wondering – how could I receive a debt consolidation loan if I have a credit that is bad? Fortunately for all people that are thinking about the same thing, the list below will shed some light on the entire topic. So, let’s take a closer look at what you can and certainly should choose to do:

1. First, You Must Understand Your Score


As you probably know, different lending organizations always base their decision on the status of the current credit score you have. In general, the lower it is, the bigger the interest rates will be given to you. Hence, if you want to qualify for this sort of mortgage, you have to match the minimum terms given by the lending company. This could be in the six-hundred range, but some lenders do work with people that have lower scores than this.

Now, there is an extensive range of institutions that offer online platforms that you could utilize for checking the score you have. Once you’ve discovered where you stand, it’ll be simpler for you to search for organizations that want to work with you. This indicates that there are institutions that concentrate on working with people that have bad balance scores.

2. Be Careful About Signing The Initial Offer


It is never, I repeat, never a safe idea to sign the initial offer that is proposed to you. Hence, you have to spend some time examining and analyzing every single offer that you can qualify for, which includes things like the amount you can borrow, repayment terms, as well as fees that you will have throughout the whole process. Yes, it may take a few hours, but it could certainly save hundreds and sometimes thousands.

You have to remember, there is a wide range of online resources such as Credit Associates Reviews that’ll allow you to easily compare all of the advances that are presented to people, and by looking at these resources, you’ll be capable of making the whole searching process simpler and less time-consuming.

3. Think About a Secured Loan – It’s Also an Alternative


If you did some digging on the net, you’ve probably learned that personal loans and debt consolidation are unsecured, which suggests that they don’t demand insurance. Still, if you cannot get approved for this lending plan because of your current score, you should think about obtaining a secured loan.

Now, you’ll want to know, if you choose this option, it’ll demand collateral – such as your residence, automobile, or other expensive assets. The insurance needs to be worth enough to reach the sum you’ll be borrowing, hence if you aren’t capable of returning it, the assets will be confiscated. Due to this, it may be simpler for you to get this sort of advance instead of another one.

4. You Could Work on Building The Score


If you tried qualifying for this type of loan without any luck, you should definitely spend some time building your score. If you want to do this, you need to ensure that you make all the recurrent fees on time and it’s also helpful if you concentrate on paying your card balances. Also, don’t forget to eliminate any additional monthly charges like a gym membership or a streaming service.

By doing this, you could ensure that you’re giving your money towards clearing all of the debts for a couple of months in a row, which could increase your current score. Once you do this, you’ll probably be able of qualifying for a debt consolidation loan, hence, if needed, take a break and spend some of your time working on the score.

5. Think About a Co-singer


Another thing that you could do is to seek help from an organization that allows co-signers, something that will assist you with qualifying for, but with a lower interest rate. In most situations, the score of the person that’ll be co-signing the contract needs to reach the minimum qualification by the lending company.

You have to remember, if you pick this option, the person that’ll sign the document with you will be equally accountable, so, if you, for instance, fail to make a return on time, their score will be lowered, and they’ll be required to pay the recurrent fees instead of you, so, be extra careful with this.

Are There Some Benefits That I Could Gain?


Before we conclude this article, there are several benefits worth discussing, particularly if you decide to get a debt consolidation loan. For starters, everything will be simpler for you, mostly because all of the payments you have will be turned into one. Hence, you don’t need to care about forgetting one of the recurrent fees – something that could reduce the score you have even more.

The interest will also be lower, so if you’re, for instance, giving approximately 15% to 25% on the cards, you can receive a consolidation mortgage for 15%, which will help you save some funds. Lastly, most of these options are fixed, suggesting that the interest rate and payment amount will be identical each month. This is also beneficial since you’ll always know how much you’ll have for paying the debts each month.


If you’re thinking about obtaining a debt consolidation loan that’ll help you take care of all your debts at the same time, there are things that you could do to get it, even if your credit is low. And, if you choose to follow most of our tips above, you’ll certainly ensure the whole process is simpler, less time-consuming, and, more importantly, less stressful for yourself.

So, now that you’ve learned that you could actually obtain a debt consolidation loan even with low credit, you really shouldn’t lose any more of your free time. Instead, go back to the beginning of our list, and start with the first thing we mentioned – which is checking and monitoring your current credit score.