Kevin Durant is a 20 year-old basketball player who recently signed a max deal with the Oklahoma City Thunder. He is also a size 14 in shoes, with a foot length of 8.5 inches, that is well within the average measurement for men. However, in an effort to be more stylish, Durant is wearing sneakers that are in the category of “uncomfortably large.” As a result, his feet have taken a toll on his body, which includes an injured ankle.

Kevin Durant’s appearance during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Miami Heat in the early weeks of the 2012-2013 NBA season, was a notable one. It was the first time a reigning NBA MVP had chosen to wear the wrong size of shoes. Some people thought it was a joke, others a publicity stunt. For Durant, it was a way of life.

Kevin Durant’s insistance on wearing the wrong shoe size may have cost the Nets an Eastern Conference Finals appearance. Or maybe not. As far as the NBA rumor mill is concerned, the 2013 NBA Draft is on the verge of being one of the biggest busts in history. The Knicks were supposed to get a young star and the Nets were supposed to be the recipients of this pick. Instead, both got an awful deal.

Kevin Durant’s miraculous jump shot at the end of Game 7 between the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks nearly sent his team to the Eastern Conference Finals. The superstar jumped forward on P.J. Tucker and pulled away to win the game with a three-pointer, but the tip of his size 18 sneaker barely touched the three-point line as he rose to shoot.

What’s the best part? Durant isn’t even a size 18.

If only Durant wore the right shoe size, he could send the Nets to the ECF with one of the most heroic goals in NBA playoffs history.

Kevin Durant was one step away from sending the Nets to ECF

Kevin Durant reacts during Game 7 between the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Semifinals | Elsa/Getty Images

When Durant returned to the court Saturday in Game 7 against the Bucks trailing by two points, he knew exactly what he had to do. Brooklyn struggled to stay upright: With James Harden out with a hamstring injury and Kyrie Irving in plain clothes on the bench, Durant knew he had to deliver the final blow.

After receiving the ball, Durant drove to the three-point line with Tucker, turned right and scored the three-pointer that could have saved the game. But upon closer inspection, his toes barely touched the arc of the three-pointer as he rose to shoot.

Two points. Overtime.

Instead of reaching the Eastern Conference Finals with one of the best free throws in playoff history, the Nets lost in overtime and ended their season prematurely. When Durant finally saw the replay of his long double, he couldn’t believe it.

My big leg was on the line, Durant told reporters after the game. I just saw how close I came to ending their season with that shot.

ESPN pointed to a 2018 interview in which Durant told Sports Illustrated’s Chris Herring (formerly FiveThirtyEight) that he wears a size 17 shoe, but on the basketball court wears a size 18 for comfort.

20 June 2023

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