If you love the great outdoors, and your hobbies revolve around being in nature, you may want to make the move to a city that caters to these hobbies. In particular, if you love fishing, there are several cities across the country that can really make your favorite hobby convenient and fun.

If you want to live in an area with readily available fishing and with exciting fishing possibilities, there are a few specific cities you should consider. Which city you ultimately choose depends on the type of climate you want to live in and the part of the country you would prefer. Here are the best cities for fishing:

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

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NOLA is not just all Mardi Gras and beignets. The city is also known for some amazing fishing along the coastline. Closer to the shallows, you can castoff for trout, flounder, and largemouth bass. If you want to venture further out, you can cast your line in the hopes of catching some kingfish, tripletail, and red snapper.

If you like to cook your catches, you are in great luck! If you like to release your catch, you can grab an amazing meal after all that hard work in the Big Easy, which is also known for its amazing cuisine. With all of that access to great fishing, restaurants have their pick of the freshest catch. You can have some amazing gumbo or fresh fish in a local restaurant.

2. Nashville, Tennessee

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While Nashville may not scream “fishing city” to most, it is actually an amazing city for fishing. Fish caught from in and around Nashville have broken many world records. If you are hoping to get some good fishing hours in Nashville, there are plenty of reservoirs and rivers around the city.

If you hope to break some records yourself, you can anticipate catching some catfish, crappie, and striped bass in Nashville. If you like the idea of spending many peaceful hours fishing in “Music City” (Nashville is known for country music after all), you may want to check out some Nashville houses for sale near the city’s best fishing spots.

3. Colorado Springs, CO

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If you are hoping to move a little further out west and enjoy your fishing among the mountains, Colorado Springs might be your city of choice. Colorado Springs is especially great if you enjoy fly fishing. You can anticipate catching various kinds of trout in Colorado Springs, including rainbow, brown, lake and brook trout.

If you are not a fly fisher, you can aim to catch some walleye, bass, musky, and more. With the city’s elevation, you can even partake in some ice fishing. This is also a resort town, so there is plenty to do for residents, and very close to Pikes Peak if you want to hike or just take in the scenic views.

If you love fishing, you are truly in luck. There are so many different fishing cities across the country, that you will really have your pick based on your preferences. New Orleans, Nashville, and Colorado Springs are definitely top picks.