It is normal to pack a lot of things while traveling. To some, their necessities are usually overweight. Although travelers and tourists often have limited stuff when they leave their homes, they will have a lot of things to carry back. For example, someone from Europe planned an Asian trip. If he only buys one thing from each country he visits, his luggage is likely to cross the weight limit.

Likewise, people who are moving for immigration or for a longer stay also need a lot of things. Buying things from their country is cheaper as compared to getting them from the new one. Therefore, they will take their clothes and also shoes and toiletries. So if you are going somewhere for three months or a year or more, you would like to fill your bag with necessities. As a result of this, your baggage will become overweight.

What is the solution for this?

1. Get yourself an assistant

Overweight luggage is a problem that first-time travelers face a lot. So if this is the case for you, you are likely not to be sure of the weight limit. So what you can do is hire an assistant who will provide you with all the necessary information. This information will not only be about your tickets and flight information but also about the weight limits. If you are traveling through connecting flights, they will guide you about those details too.

Furthermore, they will provide meet and greet services so that you can relax. There won’t be any need for you to worry about it. One such service is the St Maarten SXM airport VIP services. Their services include arrival service, departure, connection, and transfer service. Moreover, they will assist you with airport guidance and baggage too. Be sure to visit their website to know more about their services.

2. Pay an extra price

Another thing that you can do is to pay an extra price for your luggage. There is no set price for all the airlines. Therefore, you will pay according to the airline that you are using. So if you are traveling through a cheaper airline, you are likely to pay a lesser price. On the other hand, if you are using a lavish airline, you will need to pay more fees for your extra baggage.

In addition to this, there is also a set limit for extra baggage too. If you have purchased the things in bulk and you are expecting the airport to carry double or triple your allowed weight, there might be some problems. The airline staff will check the baggage limit. If no other passenger is carrying an extra weight then you can purchase more weight. However, if the limit is over, you might only be allowed to carry an extra 5 kg or 10 kg other than your allowed weight.

3. Be confident and quick

The next trick is for people who do not want to pay an extra price. This might be because you are only exceeding 1 or 2 kg of weight. So if you are sure that you have more weight in your bag, you need to tone up yourself. Make sure you look confident and move quickly from the lanes. If you are dragging your bags, the staff will suspect that you are carrying a heavy bag. Thus, they will definitely check it.

Likewise, if you are carrying a very big suitcase, the chance of your luggage weightage is high. Because they will suspect that you are going over the limits.

On the other hand, if you are carrying a bag-pack and one small bag, they might ignore it. Because this won’t look suspicious. A person cannot carry a heavy bag pack for a long time. Therefore, backpacks usually contain necessary stuff which is not much heavy. So (girls), instead of carrying a handbag, which will only fit limited stuff, you should also prepare a bag pack.

4. Wear some extra clothes

There is a limit on the weight of your luggage, not on yourself. Therefore, you can wear double or triple layers of clothes or as many as you can. So if you are going through luggage checking and it crosses the limit, you can do this. Take out the heaviest jacket or shawl and wear it. Usually, the winter stuff is heavier and takes up more space. Summer stuff is lighter so the chance of exceeding the limit is less.

If one jacket is not doing the work, you can take out another one. So you will be wearing two or three jackets. So if the difference is very small, you can try doing this. It will definitely help you out.

Likewise, you can also stuff things in your pockets. So if there are small things like a lotion bottle, you can put them in your pocket. Toiletries are usually heavy. Although not all airports will let you do this, you can still try. In case of an issue with toiletries, you can stuff your scarves and socks, etc. in your pockets.

5. Run at the final call

This is the most interesting thing that you can try if you are sure that you will exceed the weight. Airports make several calls to ensure that all the passengers are on-board. So if it is time for your flight, you should wait for the final call. They will announce that it is the final call.

What happens is that the staff is busy itself. They just want to finish the business and close the doors and prepare for the flight to take off. So if you are arriving at the final call, they will do a security checkup and will let you move quickly. As a result of this, you might skip the weight-checking point. They won’t bother if you are carrying an extra 2 to 5 kg weight. But make sure the weight does not exceed more than 5 kg. Otherwise, it will say that I am overweight, check me.