A few years ago, you wouldn’t have heard of CBD oil, but now every wellness guru and coach is espousing the benefits of taking CBD for a wide variety of health purposes.

If you wish to consume CBD to test how it would work for your ailments, then there are many ways to do so. Read on to see how to take CBD in 4 distinct ways.

1. In a Topical Rub, Balm, or Lotion

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CBD oil, when mixed with beeswax or coconut oil, can be used as a soothing rub, or lotion. It’s easy to spread on the skin, smells great, and allows you to get all the benefits of using CBD oil in an easy-to-use, easy-to-carry format. It’s great for period pain as well!

2. In a Tincture

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CBD can be turned into a concoction that you can take by dropper or spray straight into the mouth. Put the drop of CBD oil tincture under your tongue, hold it there for a minute, and then swallow. This will allow CBD to reach your bloodstream quickly and you will get the benefits faster.

3. In a Cocktail

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CBD can be imbibed alongside any food or drink, and many people are taking advantage of this, by mixing it with mezcal, vodka, or other alcohols in a delicious cocktail format. If you are interested in creating your own special CBD cocktails, then go crazy and experiment.

4. In a Gummy

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This is one format that’s taking the wellness industry by storm because it’s an easy way to consume CBD. If you haven’t had CBD gummies yet, then try the gummies white label.

The gummies are a sweet treat that you can take any time you need a CBD hit and they are easy to carry along with you when you are off to a party, to an event, to work, or whilst traveling.

No matter how much you love taking CBD every day, remember that everything should be taken in moderation. So start with a few drops every day and then increase the dosage over time, if it suits you. Do not go over the 70mg dosage every day, though.

Also, you don’t need to refrigerate CBD, unless you put it into baked goods, which could go bad if not put in the fridge.

How to Take CBD like a Pro

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Even if you are a newbie at taking CBD oil, you are free to experiment with various ways of taking in CBD, just like a long-timer would. As you get used to taking CBD, you will notice that you prefer one way of taking in CBD over others.

You can take CBD either in the morning or evening, depending on how it affects you.

Some people say that it energizes them, and others say that it helps them sleep.

Experiment with the timing to see which time works best for your constitution.

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