As sad as it is, we are not always safe from suffering from health problems. And sadly, some people are more unlucky than others. That being said, a lot of health problems have some specific ways of being handled that, to a certain extent, can make our lives a lot easier.

For example, those who suffer from sleeping disorders tend to use sleeping pills, while those that have problems with their joints, tend to consume anti-inflammatories. As you might have guessed, the most common response to health problems often involves the use of medication.

The problem with medication is that they are not always such viable options, especially since they can damage your organism if you use them for too long. There’s also the fact that some of them might not be as effective at relieving your symptoms, but there are other alternatives for you to pick from.


As someone who has always struggled with insomnia, for example, I got introduced to a type of medication known as CBD-based gummies, more specifically speaking, the ones you can find at cheefbotanicals, and I started to use them, I got more into them, and learned how great they are for your health when you suffer from specific conditions, especially the ones linked to inflammation, pain, insomnia, anxiety and stress.

That is why, in this article, I will try to teach some of the most important aspects of CBD, so you can choose for yourself whether CBD is actually worth it or not.

Let’s Get to Know More About CBD


The first thing people should know is that CBD-based gummies and other similar products are heavily related to medicinal cannabis and many of its derivations. The reason for this is very simple: CBD is the short name of cannabidiol, a chemical compound of the cannabis plant.

However, there’s more! The cannabis plant also counts with another particular compound: THC, also referred to as tetrahydrocannabinol. These two compounds are the ones that grant all the health benefits to the plant, but THC is a psychoactive compound, so it can get you in an state that is known as the high, or getting “stoned”

CBD, on the other hand, is unable to do so, simply because it is non-psychoactive. This also means that CBD-gummies and other similar products are a lot more safe than medicinal cannabis.

The Endocannabinoid System


CBD is frequently used for problems related to either inflammation, pain, insomnia and anxiety for one particular reason: The endocannabinoid system. Also referred to as the ECS, the endocannabinoid system is a complex group of neurotransmitters that are located in several areas of the body and can influence many of its physiological functions.

Although there’s much to learn about it, as shown over at, it is said that some of the physiological functions it can influence, include:

  • Appetite
  • Mood
  • Stress
  • The 5 senses
  • Inflammatory reactions
  • Sleep

Thus, CBD can be used to influence the body into reducing its inflammatory reactions linked to injuries and damages caused by old age and diseases, relieving pain in the process while helping the patient recover some of its mobility.

It can also be used to fight stress, anxiety and panic attacks thanks to its relaxing capabilities, while at the same time, it can be used to improve the quality of sleep for the very same reason.

There are also some studies showcasing its efficiency at reducing epileptic seizures, since a study conducted in more than 100 patients showcased 32% less seizure attacks, while aiding them with some of their symptoms. As it is right now, it is also being studied as a possible treatment for Parkinson’s disease.


Another peculiar piece of information to add is that pet owners have also started to use Cannabidiol products as a form of treatment, more specifically speaking, CBD-infused treats. Since CBD-based products contain really low levels of THC, which is actually toxic to animals, it makes it a very safe alternative to them, and can also benefit them from all the health benefits.

In fact, CBD-infused treats are being used to calm down pets before visiting professional groomers and vets, and also, to treat afflictions like separation anxiety, cancer, joint pain, and other similar pain-causing health complications.

Is It Safe and Legal, Though?


Here’s where things get a little bit complicated. Although there’s a lot to learn and understand about cannabidiol as an alternative method of treatment, thanks to the studies that have been conducted, it has been proclaimed as a very safe choice.

That being said, it is possible for cannabidiol to react poorly when other medications are consumed, thus, it is essential for you to know what other medications are compatible with it. This is especially important if you want to avoid liver damage!

Now, cannabidiol is only capable of causing mild symptoms. Some of these symptoms include things like dry mouth, headaches, vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Thankfully, these are the result of overdose, thus, by reducing the dosage you will pretty much avoid them.

Its legality is a little bit simple to handle. CBD has been legalized in many states inside of the U.S and also all around the world. CBD-based products should only contain around 0.3% of THC, and also, be sold by a certified provider. Still, it is very easy to find great products, and because of their accessibility, they have become fairly popular.