Welcome to Las Vegas, where the lights never dim and the energy is palpable! If you’re a local, you know all too well that there’s more to this city than high-roller casinos and over-the-top attractions. Join us as we explore some of the lesser-known destinations off the tourist path – from rustic waterfalls to cozy restaurants – that only locals truly know about. Come along for the ride and discover all that Las Vegas has to offer!

1. Unusual Outdoor Activities

Las Vegas is known for its world-class casinos and its new online casinos, but as a local, you’ll have the opportunity to explore a wide variety of unusual outdoor activities that the tourists don’t often get to experience. From exploring the desert and mountain landscapes of Red Rock Canyon to discovering the expansive range of ancient rock carvings just outside the city center, Sin City has something for everybody – even those who prefer to stay away from the bustling Strip.

Below are just some of the best non-touristy things to do in Las Vegas that only locals know.

Unusual Outdoor Activities:

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  • Exploring Red Rock Canyon: Hike through the desert environment and see evidence of ancient civilizations at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area; take a guided tour or go on your own.
  • Fishing at Lake Mead: Just 20 miles from Las Vegas, Lake Mead offers some great fishing opportunities for catch and release trout, bass and catfish. Pack a picnic and make it a day trip!
  • Mountain Biking at Bootleg Canyon: Ride through extensive desert mountain bike trails. The full loop takes about 3 hours and is good for all levels – from beginner to experienced bikers.
  • Bird Watching in Mountain Springs: Spot rare native species such as blue grosbeaks, Western kingbirds, and pinyon jays while bird watching in Mountain Springs near Divide Peak Nevada Park or Frenchman Mountain just 15 minutes east of central Las Vegas.

2. Off-the-Beaten-Path Restaurants

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It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the endless options for restaurants when visiting Las Vegas. But did you know that Las Vegas locals have some favorite off-the-beaten-path restaurants that often give visitors an even better experience? Support the local businesses of Sin City and stretch your tastebuds with these unique dining experiences:

  • Mangia Italiano – Embrace traditional fare at this hardwood restaurant, effortlessly bringing a bit of Italy right to your plate. Enjoy zesty pasta offerings, homemade lasagnas, and stone oven pizzas.
  • Karaoke Lounge – After dinner, head over to Karaoke Lounge for one of the city’s most exclusive nightlife experiences. Choose from hundreds of songs and make it stand out with Karaoke Lounge’s VIP private karaoke suites.
  • The Stone Grill – Vegans and carnivores alike will love The Stone Grill’s menu featuring international street food favorites cooked on traditional volcanic stone slabs directly on your table top.
  • Grand Lux Cafe – This vibrant restaurant is renowned for its lively atmosphere and southwestern twists on classic American favorites like steakhouse burgers, creamy mac ‘n cheese, stuffed potato skins and key lime pies among other delicious dishes.

These restaurants are a good place to start as they are well respected in the community by both visitors and locals alike – great places you won’t find in any guidebooks!

3. Late-Night Entertainment

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While many tourists flock to the bright neon lights on the Las Vegas Strip, there are a few gem’s that only locals know about. When it comes to entertainment, Las Vegas has no shortage of late-night options. Whether you’re looking for an alternative club, laid-back bar, or outdoor party scene, you’ll find it in the unusual spots located beneath the glitz and glamour of tourist traps.

Dive bars offer a cool atmosphere that draws both locals and tourists alike. The laid-back party never stops with DJs playing all your favorite songs until the wee hours of the morning. For entertainment seekers looking to laugh their way through Las Vegas, The Comedy Lineup at Delirious Comedy Club is sure to get you howling! With a rotating lineup of stand-up comedians from all over the country and free admission Monday-Saturday nights, you can surely enjoy some delicious laughs any night of the week. If dancing is more your style then head on over to Lounge Elite where music that features all different genres brings in crowds who go crazy well into dawn hours.

4. Local Art and Music Scene

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It is home to an often overlooked artistic and musical scene, which can provide relief from the usual tourist attractions. Despite being known for its casinos, nightclubs and extravagant shows, the city also offers a vibrant collection of galleries and local bands that many visitors do not know about. For those looking to discover something off the beaten track, here are a few of the highlights of Las Vegas’ local art and music scenes:

  • Galleries: Art galleries host rotating exhibits throughout the year featuring emerging and established artists from around the globe. Many exhibitions with free admission can be found on First Fridays, gatherings that feature opening receptions of new artwork along with live music performances.
  • Live Music: If you’re looking for live music in Sin City, venues such as Brooklyn Bowl, The Ice Bar and Sand Dollar Lounge offer regular performances by up-and-coming bands playing anything from funk to punk rock. In addition, there are several jazz bars located around town where you can find traditional jazz sets along with postmodern fusion bands fusing various elements into one sound.


Las Vegas is full of hidden gems that only locals know. From the best secret spots to explore nature, to unique places to grab a bite or find some entertainment, there’s something for everyone in Las Vegas. Whether you’re a local looking to try something new or a visitor seeking an authentic experience, take advantage of our guide and explore beyond the typical tourist attractions. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by all the non-touristy things there are to do here!