Bedtime at the end of a hard day is expected to make you feel refreshed and properly rested when you get up in the morning. However, in case the improper mattress is the one you’re sleeping on, you could be experiencing discomfort that will not disappear regardless of what you do. For those of you who are experiencing this kind of pain, consider the fact that maybe the time has come to consider the option of getting a new mattress. When it comes to the most effective mattresses designed for you to eliminate back pain, they provide enough support to hold your spine in alignment with the rest of your body during your slumber, while also relieving the joint strain and helping your body unwind completely.

Helix Plus


You can find plenty of mattresses out there that promise to help your spine stay aligned while you sleep, however, a lot of those mattresses come with a weight capacity that’s designed to support a maximum of 250 pounds. That means in case you’re above the limit – or anywhere close to it – this can cause additional pressure from your body onto the mattress, resulting in it sagging where it shouldn’t and causing you to experience terrible back pain on a daily basis.

This model of mattress is designed particularly to support weightier sleepers who have a higher than average BMI. It measures 13 inches tall and features an additional layer of high-density, four-pound foam that provides sufficient strength to bear a total weight of up to 1,000 pounds.

Saatva Classic


For people who like a side sleeping position, the Saatva Classic definitely does its best to give you a good night’s sleep, literally. Similar to the rest mentioned above, the Saatva Classic is categorized as a hybrid mattress, which is one that mixes innerspring mattresses along with natural latex foam. However, this Saatva mattress has really gone the extra mile for people suffering from chronic pain and you can read a Saatva Bed Review here. It is manufactured with what Saatva refers to as Spinal Zone Technology, or improvements made to the mattress with the ability to lower stress and discomfort in the back that occurs during sleep, yet deliver a great deal of over-the-top comfort.



The WinkBed mattress ensures comfort and support to relieve your aching back. This mattress has achieved a high score in spinal alignment and pressure relief and guarantees the level of backrest you need to help you sleep comfortably. One of the features the WinkBed has is its hybrid design of sturdy coils along with contouring foam which helps to provide you with additional firmness when moving around on the mattress. Moreover, its soft memory foam helps fill the gap on your lower back in order to relieve extra pressure.

In fact, if you sleep on a bad mattress, you could either induce or intensify back pain. Inadequate support provided by a mattress increases improper sleeping posture, strains muscles, and fails to help hold the spine aligned, all factors that further fuel low back pain. In addition, the comfort of sleep will also be lost when a mattress is not suited to an individual’s body’s preferences.