A mobile home is one that is prefabricated and is attached to wheels. Hence these homes can be moved to any location with ease. These homes are becoming popular due to their low cost and the flexibility that they offer. However, these homes are not just affordable and easy to move; they can come with several amenities that make life comfortable.

Whenever a house or any other property is up for sale, the price depends on several factors like the facilities offered. Apart from this, the price for which the home is to be sold, the marketing strategy, etc., also affect the sales of the house. At present, there are several mobile home park offers that make these homes a go-to choice for potential buyers.

Tips To Increase The Value Of A Mobile Home

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1. Make An Inclusive Offer

When a person purchases a mobile house, he only owns the house, not the land used for parking the house. Land ownership is significantly different from more permanent structures, that is when a house is constructed on a piece of land. In that case, the homeowner also owns the piece of land. Owning a piece of land is excellent from the point of view of investment and resale values.

The price of a piece of land increases steadily with time. However, in the case of a car or a mobile property, the price usually depreciates with time. The depreciation is because as the property or the car gets used, it undergoes wear and tear. Also, the fitments become outdated, and a new owner will need to upgrade old fitments by spending from his pocket.

Also, if a buyer purchases just the mobile property, the land on which it will be parked will have to be taken on rent. The rent thus becomes a recurring expenditure for the mobile property owners. It is easier to get loans for such deals rather than just for buying the mobile structure.

Lastly, owning the land gives a sense of security and stability. Hence, if an inclusive offer is made where the mobile structure is sold along with the land on which it stands, the deal gets sealed for a much higher price than an agreement where the land is not a part of the offer.

2. Increase The Energy Efficiency

Electricity expenses constitute a significant expense for most homeowners; hence making the structure energy efficient can increase the deal’s attractiveness. There are several ways to improve the energy efficiency of a house, like increasing the insulation of the house.

Also, periodic checking of the insulation helps maintain its effectiveness of the insulation. Weather stripping of doors and filling in tiny gaps and cracks in doors and windows reduces heat loss from the interiors of the home. Properly sealed windows lower the need for heating systems during winters and coolers during the summer months. The roof of the house has to be checked for cracks and leakages as well.

In case a semi-furnished home is being put up for sale, the appliances should be energy-efficient. Thus, the lights should be LED lights that last longer and glow with more intensity than other lights. Also, a natural cross-ventilation home requires fewer fans or air conditions.

3. Making The Home Look Beautiful

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The home’s external appearance and appeal is the first thing the potential buyers take into consideration. Hence, giving a new paint once in a while, sealing cracks, placing potted plants, etc., can significantly improve the appeal of a house.

The roof of the house can be made flat or sloping. Usually, sloping roofs are preferred because they do not allow water and snow to accumulate for a long time. Thus, pitched roofs are easy to maintain, and the changes of a leaking roof are reduced drastically.

4. Upgrade The Interiors

The external appearance of a mobile property can be a deal maker, yet the interiors are also equally important. A modern open kitchen, a beautiful workspace, or a bathroom with fancy showers and bathtubs can fetch a high price for a mobile property. The flooring can be made up of wood which looks classy and elegant.

However, going for more affordable upgrades like getting fancy lights or new equipment is advisable rather than increasing the number of rooms, adding a balcony, etc. This will ensure that a high price is obtained with relatively less expenditure on the homeowner’s part.

5. Have A Schedule For Maintenance

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Like all property, even mobile property needs regular maintenance. If repair works are kept pending for long, then the structural damage becomes more pronounced. For instance, a standard damp-proof coating on the roof every four or five years will cost much less money than dealing with dampness in the ceilings.

Even the furniture and the appliances in the house need regular upgrades or replacements. Thus, it is a good idea to have a schedule for maintenance and repair works; things like the paint, electrical wiring of the house, flooring of the home, etc., need touch-ups every two or three years.

Also, the frequency of the repair works will depend on where the mobile property is placed. If it is in a location where the weather is naturally bright and sunny, then it might require fewer repairs than in a place with frequent rains.


Most mobile house owners want to sell their homes when they are planning to relocate or move into a permanent house. These homeowners need to sell the property quickly and at a reasonable price. Increasing the value of a home by keeping it well maintained, adding valuable amenities, and increasing the house’s appeal is a simple way to sell the house quickly and with minimum hassles.

Presently, professional help is available at the click of a button, and these experts are the best guides for home repairs, advertising the property, etc. Moreover, hiring a real estate agent or registering the property on an online website can also speed up the sale of the property.