Video content rules the roost online these days. From funny cat videos to video podcasts, people can’t get enough of it! A whopping 33% of the time people spend on the internet is now devoted to watching videos.

Are you hoping to leverage peoples’ love of this medium to promote your products and services? Well, we don’t blame you. But you’ll have to know approach the task in the right way to get results.

For help with the task, check out these 4 top tips on creating engaging videos for social media.

1. Generate Winning Ideas


All engaging videos begin with a winning idea. You have to brainstorm a ton of potential concepts and then whittle them down until you’ve settled upon the very best! Struggling for inspiration?

Take a look at your high-performing blog posts. There’s a good chance they’ll resonate with your audience in video form too! Keeping an eye on trending topics, current viral videos, and your competitors’ most-viewed content should help too.

2. Master the Basics

Engaging videos for social media don’t have to be complicated. But there are definite boxes they should tick if you want them to perform well online! Take matters of sizing and formatting, for instance…

Most people watch videos on their smartphones now, which means everything you create must be viewable on small screens. And you don’t want to spend time creating a video that’s unplayable on certain platforms because it’s in the wrong format, right? Do your research and make sure you know how to convert certain file types, such as AVI to mp4, to accommodate the requirements of each platform.

3. Nail the Intro

The beginning of any video is crucial to its success. This is your hook! The best videos for social media grab the viewers’ attention in the first 2 to 3 seconds.

There are different ways to achieve this, including engaging visuals, compelling music, and a quality script (not to mention a mixture of all of the above!). The trick is to generate intrigue. Do whatever you can to make people want to keep watching.

4. Use Your Smartphone


Many marketers make the mistake of thinking they need a studio and professional recording equipment to create engaging videos. Yet the reality’s very different. Many of the highest-performing videos of the last few years have been recorded on someone’s smartphone!

That’s good news if you’re on a budget. You don’t need anything too fancy. With a smartphone, a simple tripod, a basic microphone, and a great idea, you have everything required to create quality videos for social media.

Start Creating Engaging Videos for Social Media

Have you been wondering how to make videos for social media that drive results for your business? Well, we hope this post has helped! Keep these insights in mind and it shouldn’t be long before you’re creating engaging videos that drive traffic, grow your audience, generate leads, and boost conversions.

If you’re interested in this topic, then be sure to stick around! Read more articles like this one on our blog today.