Ever got frustrated editing videos? Sometimes, it takes ample time and makes you feel that you are using the slowest editor of all. Don’t panic! We feel the same way as it is a time-consuming process, but you can supercharge your video editing speed by following a few simple yet effective tips. It is imperative to include video editing in your marketing strategies because 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, increasing slightly from 85% in 2023.

Applying a few techniques can help you create top-notch videos within minutes. You can streamline your video editing process and invest your valuable time in other important things instead of just dedicating all your working hours to just video editing.

Simple tips for faster video editing

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1. Organize

The first thing required is to organize your footage and assets; label every item and arrange them in different folders.  You need to be systematic and organized to become an efficient editor, so first, re-arrange your projects and files in folders to simplify the process of video editing.

You can arrange them as per date, sequence of work, or in any format, you feel comfortable with. Always clean your desktop and download folder at the end of the session, and remember to move important files into appropriate folders. Once you do this, go back and relink them in the video editing app. Initially, it might seem tough, but it will facilitate the editing immensely.

2. Pick the right computer

Here, the right computer does not mean the brand; instead, it’s the brands’ performance. It should be fast enough to store massive files and enable you to focus on editing rather than worrying about slow rendering.

You can also opt for an SSD, a faster hard drive letting your PC access your footage and software faster. While choosing the computer, ensure that the RAM should not be less than 8GB as you will require a lot of space, and increased RAM leads to fasting editing speed.

3. Choose the right software

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The next step is to pick a reliable online video editor. It might be a daunting task for you to choose amongst hundreds of online video editors available online. However, thoroughly checking their reviews, features, and interface and then deciding what to opt for is ideal. Most importantly, you need to see which one works for you and fits your editing style. Do not just opt for the latest and advanced platform overlooking your requirements.

4. Keyboard shortcuts

Take some time to retain keyboard shortcuts used frequently in video editing. Usually, all the software uses similar shortcuts, so memorizing them can make your work easier and quicker. Initially, it might seem like extra work, but over time, you will realize that it saves considerable time.

Some of the common keyboard shortcuts are:

  • New Sequence: Ctrl + N
  • Trim Edit: Shift + T
  • Add Edit: Ctrl + K
  • Audio Gain: G
  • Apply Video Transition: Ctrl + D
  • Speed/Duration: Ctrl + R
  • Z for the Zoom Tool
  • Import- Ctrl+I
  • Apply Audio Transition: Ctrl + Shift + D

5. Remove distractions

Preventing distractions while working would help you stay focused and allow you to complete the video efficiently. An average person checks their phone 58 times a day, and when you keep it aside while working, you’re guaranteed to see the maximized output.

Not only phones but there are other distractions such as notifications on your PC. Also, while working from home, productivity has decreased because of the other household chores. So, try working in peaceful surroundings with less noise and disturbance. Clean your space and remove all the possible distractions around you so that you can focus majorly on video editing.

6. Keep audio mix for the end

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A video editor knows how time-consuming audio mixing is, so keep it for the end of the project. Do the final mix when the editing is completed, and the client has approved your video content. For uncomplicated videos, you can do the audio mix through your online video editor, but you should opt for a dedicated app to yield the best results for bigger projects.

7. Edit for a story

An indispensable factor while editing is your creative goal: to tell a story. For doing this, you should go extravagant- chop extra footage and correct the order of your clips and try to make a compelling video as it helps create robust customer connections and convey your message effectively.

You should use both technical and practical knowledge instead of just adding simple effects to awe your viewers. Therefore, it is pivotal to hook your readers to the end by crafting alluring video content.

8. Select the right mouse

If you understand the peripherals, it will help you achieve the best level of video editing. One of them is choosing the right mouse; video editors should opt for a gaming mouse with programmable buttons. These buttons can be used to do basic video tasks such as saving and undoing actions without using both hands.

Additional features that you get with a gaming mouse are quick response time, smooth buttons, and lightweight, which you would not get in a desktop mouse. Although it might just save a few seconds, it makes the work easier and quicker.

How to save time while video editing?

Source: videomaker.com

To save time in video editing, you need to stay focused and ensure that you do one kind of task at a time. You can classify the work and start by-

    • First, start working on the speaking, add A-Roll edit.
    • After that, add B-Roll to the appropriate places. Check here where you can find affordable or free B-Roll footage.
  • Then do the color correct & grade.
  • Once this is done, insert the graphics to make it look perfect.
  • Add some music as per your video content.
  • Put the sound effects.
  • Audit & export.

This way, you will be able to do your work without wasting time and perform every task efficiently.

Summing Up

You can organize your work and structure it perfectly only if you have chosen a superlative video editor fitting your needs. Start following these tips, and let us know how they helped you!